Auto Palmistry Premium v4.6.2 [Latest]

Auto Palmistry Premium

Auto Palmistry Premium

You can find fortunes straight away simply by taking a picture of your palm. Real Palmistry in one easy and simple operation!  Auto Palmistry is an app. for real palmistry using the Android camera.

Have you ever read a how-to book on palm reading but failed to find the same palm lines on your hand or felt that it was too difficult to compare the fine lines and make judgments on your own? This easy to handle app. is just for you! Please experience the world of palmistry with this app. so you can read your fortunes anytime anywhere!

Reading menu has been added

  • (Personality) The real you
  • (Romance) Love tendency
  • (Work) Capabilities and Work
  • (Money) Future Finances

How to read the palm. (How to analyze)
-Take a photo of your palm with the Android camera.
-You may save the photo of your palm.
*For convenience, save the photo so you don’t need to take everytime for later use.
-Our unique artificial intelligence (AI) program analyzes the major lines on the palm of your hand from the  picture.
-[Result of Analysis] An analysis of your nature and destiny, including your Personality, Romance and Work  is displayed instantly.
*The results of the analysis are saved for later re-reading.



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