App Manager v5.02 [Donated] Cracked [Latest]


Uninstall install apps, enable or disable the visualization of system app, create a backup (APK file),

App Manager is a tool application that allows to simplify the application management.

Was designed so as not to over load time by the minimum necessary data.
* Speed will vary by the terminal.


Install application management.
To simplify application management of that you have installed.
Easy to remove the application with a single tap.
Support the uninstall in multiple selection.
Support for application of backup (APK file creation).
Basic action also supports (app launch, move to GooglePlay, etc).

System application management.
Management easy to visualize the initial installed app.
Easy to the disable / enable from the details in a single tap.
Support the app details view in multiple selection
Support for application of backup (APK file creation).

Backup (APK file) management
Easy to restore the app from the backup that you created.
Supports viewing all backup files in the terminal (OFF in the filter by default).
Support the sharing of an external server (GoogleDrive and DropBox, etc.) and e-mail attachments.

The difference between free
Advertising program is not installed.
Beginning to recommend that you try the free version.

Please refer to the help within the app if the operation is not known.

・This app permission to write external storage for backup created use.
・Some apps that can not be backed up by security.
・Backup only package (APK file).Please understand,Data stored in the app is not backed up for security.
・This application is not functional for the root terminal.。


Update for phone terminals with aspect ratio other than 16: 9.



App Manager v5.02 [Donated] / Mirror

Older Version

App Manager v5.01 [Donated] / Mirror

App Manager v4.95 [Donated] / Mirror

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